Our passion

We provide expertise and tailored solutions primarily built on Linux and Red Hat products.

RedLin is founded and owned by Patrik Martinsson who has been in love with Red Hat for over a decade. During that time he has helped (as an employee) both governments and private companies to standardize and develop their infrastructure with the help of Linux and Red Hat products.

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We believe in automation

At RedLin we work hard on standardization and consistency. We want to make absolutely sure that your infrastructure is consistent with as few exceptions as possible. There are unlimited tools and ways of achieving this but the key for RedLin is always standardization and consistency. With these two pieces in place we can easily achieve automation.

We usually rely on traditional tools such as Ansible and Puppet for automation and standardization purposes. With that said we will always adopt to the customers need. On top of that we often build our own tools that can be used for inventorying and follow ups.

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Our Services

We provide a number various services where we usually design and tailor the service according to our custom needs.